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Chantelou historical

In 1981, the Healy family, uprooted from Ireland, settled in an old farm in the County of Auvergne to find the fresh air and calm necessary for their five children, including Chantal, who was severely disabled.


In order not to fall back on the wound and therefore the suffering caused by Chantal’s severe handicap and because they had encountered great difficulty in finding vacation spots that would accept a different child, the Healys decided very quickly to make of the farm, its outbuildings and its large grounds, a meeting place which welcomes, as a priority, but not exclusively (to avoid creating a ghetto) disabled people, their families, their friends.

From a spartan welcome, but totally free in the 80s, we have moved, following major renovations, to comfortable and paying accommodation which helps to repay the bank loans obtained.

This center received confirmation of its existence by a decree of creation on February 1, 1997. Since 1994, it has been visited regularly by the Safety Commission and other supervisory bodies as an establishment open to the public.

Called Chantelou in 2001 to pay homage to Chantal, the child of silence, who inspired its creation, this reception center has gone from a state of ruins to a beautiful accomodation that respects the style of rural housing in the region. vicomtoise where it is good to live a family celebration, holidays, a time of healing, or even of reflection and work.

Warning : our small mountain location remains difficult to access for some people with physical disabilities. For more information, please contact us. A site visit is highly recommended.