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Close to Chantelou

From CHANTELOU, you can visite plenty beautiful places, practice sports and assist many cultural events.



Distance from CHANTELOU : 24 km

The “Tour de l’Horloge” (Clock tower) is one of the outstanding points of this little town. For children from 6 years old, the visit takes the form of a game trail, which makes the family visit attractive and fun.


Distance from CHANTELOU : 6 km

Bordered by the Allier River, Vic-le-Comte is located in the Val d’Allier at the gates of the Livradois Forez Regional Natural Park. Former capital of the County of Auvergne from the 13th century to the Revolution, Vic-le-Comte, a large agricultural town with a major wine-growing area, experienced its boom at the end of the First World War with the establishment in Longues of the bank paper mill of France which produces fiduciary paper.

All that remains of this Comtale town today is the palace gate, to the north of which stretches the restored old market square where a magnificent Volvic stone fountain sits.

Along the alleys, one can discover passages under porches, many corbelled houses and Renaissance residences. But the Saint-Pierre church and its Sainte-Chapelle remains the obligatory passage during a visit to the town center.
source: http://www.vic-le-comte.fr/

BUSSEOL CASTLE (12th century)


The 12th century Busséol castle is also one of the oldest. You can get there on foot from Chantelou on a long excursion, or by car in 5 minutes.
Visiting hours : from June 15 to September 15 : Visit every day from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. off season :
Sundays and public holidays, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Groups by appointment all year round : M. HOULIER (Owner) Tel./Fax : 04 73 69 00 84

The CHAUX MONTGROS castle and its terraces


You can get there on foot from Chantelou during a walk or while jogging. The Chaux Montgros castle (16th century) is now undergoing major restoration work. It was given to the Guesle by Catherine de Medicis. From its site, enjoy an unobstructed view of the entire forest of the County.

BEAUVEZEIX CASTLE (18th century)

In the village of COUDES, the Beauvezeix castle represents a fine example of the 18th century Auvergne with the garden of the building.
Visit the garden, the terrace, the fountain, the pond, the stairs, the hydraulic installation, the orangery, the nymphaeum and the garden cave.



Here is a mountain bike ride in the PUY de DOME reserved for trained athletes…

A magnificent and unique Natural Park in the world. In the heart of Auvergne, the largest Regional Natural Park in France, located in two departments : Cantal and Puy-de-Dôme.
Here, you will find volcanoes, volcanoes and volcanoes : more than 80 all together.

Admittedly, they “sleep” and are no longer active, but the landscapes, all covered in green, are simply magnificent.

The most beautiful, the best preserved is in our opinion : the PUY de COME, the volcano visit which includes not too difficult climbing and the tour of the crater are worth the trip !!


Distance from CHANTELOU : 40 km

It takes 5 to 7 hours to explore Vulcania : 5,000 m2 of activities and shows to discover on three levels, with more than 30 events, 2 screening rooms and outdoor trails to explore on 57 hectares.



You can get there on foot from Chantelou. Themed activities are offered there with specialists to discover the wild fauna and flora.

Located near Vic-le-Comte, the County forest is bounded to the west by the Allier valley and to the east by the granite plateaus of Livradois.
It covers a total area of ​​1500 ha. The Departement Council owns approximately 600 ha of this forest, acquired as Sensitive Natural Areas.
Recognized as one of the richest forest massifs in Auvergne, the County woods are today classified Natura 2000 and recognized by the inventory of natural areas of ecological, faunal and floristic interest (Z.N.I.E.F.F.).

The flora
As one of the largest oak groves in Auvergne, the Couty woods are mainly made up of oaks, hornbeams and lime trees which jealously watch over the martagon lily (protected species), the red cephalanter, the orchid (rarer) and the gnarled geranium, mountain species which reaches in this forest its northern limit on the national territory.

Refuge area for large wildlife (roe deer and wild boar), it is also a nesting area for birds (honey buzzard, red kite, etc.) and a place of shelter for batrachians such as the ringing toad. yellow belly, a rare species in France and threatened in Europe.

Hikes accompanied by specialists in fauna and flora. Environmental experts, who more than just walks in the forest will transform the exercise into a real introduction to the natural sciences.

Equipped with all the material needed (binoculars, naturalist guides, microscopes, paper and pencils will be provided on site) hikers will be able to explore the forest.
To participate, it’s very simple, just call the LPO which centralizes the requests. No registration is done on site.

Note : an information leaflet produced especially for the operation is distributed to tourist offices, tourist offices, furnished accommodation and campsites in the department.



Distance from CHANTELOU : approx. 30km away.

Here is a mountain bike ride in the PUY de DOME reserved for trained athletes…